Saturday Spankings – Honeymoon’s End NEW RELEASE!

Good morning Saturday Spankings fans. This weekend I’m thrilled to announce my new release, Honeymoon’s End (Romancing Melissa Book Three). Over the last two weeks I’ve shared extracts from the previous two books, Melissa’s Punishment Examination and Melissa & The Medic. Now I’m delighted to be able to share an extract from my new offering,… Continue reading Saturday Spankings – Honeymoon’s End NEW RELEASE!


NEW RELEASE – Honeymoon’s End (Romancing Melissa Book Three)

I am delighted to announce my latest release, published by Blushing Books. Honeymoon’s End is book three in the Romancing Melissa series, following on from Melissa’s Punishment Examination and Melissa & The Medic. It continues on from the previous two books, but this is simply a weekend in Melissa’s life, which contains sex, spankings, age… Continue reading NEW RELEASE – Honeymoon’s End (Romancing Melissa Book Three)

Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings – Melissa’s Punishment Examination


Good morning, Saturday Spanking fans. I haven’t participated in this blog for some time, having taken time out from writing for a while, but in January I finally finished my latest Melissa book, which has tentatively been called HSaturday Spankingsoneymoon’s End. It follows on from Melissa’s Punishment Examination and Melissa & the Medic.

This week I’m going to share an extract from the first book and next week I’ll share one from Melissa & The Medic. The following weekend (Friday April 20), Honeymoon’s End will be released.

Melissa's Punishment Examination

Since I sent Honeymoon’s End to Blushing Books in January, I have also been working on a new book for Stormy Night Publications, tentatively titled The Naughty Bride Clinic. It is set in the same slightly futuristic world as Sentenced to the Punishment Clinic, Sentenced to the Nursery and Sentenced & Punished. I am finished writing it and am now editing it, which I hope to finish over the next week, so it shouldn’t be too long before I have another book out as well. I reduced my hours at work slightly last year, to give me a day off to write, but unfortunately – due to personal circumstances – I didn’t write much at all. I’m hopeful that things are starting to look up now.

Back to Melissa’s Punishment Examination, the first in this series of books. Faking sick and skipping work yet again for a trip to the beach seemed like a good idea at the time, but when Melissa’s deception is discovered the beautiful twenty-two year old finds herself in way over her head. Her boss, Dr. Ben Williams, informs her that if she wants to keep her job as a receptionist at his private medical practice then her only option is to submit to a punishment exam.

This extract is taken from quite early in the story. Melissa has agreed to take a punishment, in order to keep her job, but she finds it a little tougher than she expected, especially having to submit to the dishy doctor:-

Dr. Williams turned and dragged Melissa across the room, and she squirmed desperately as he sat down on one of the chairs and tipped her across his lap. His hand landed hard on her bottom, the force of it driving the air out of her lungs. When he spanked her again, her body stiffened. “I’m sorry,” she yelled as he flipped up her short skirt. She yelped and squirmed as his hand cracked down several times on the seat of her black lace panties, warming her bottom.

Melissa was grateful when he stopped after only a few more hard smacks and helped her to her feet. The spanking had not been too bad, she realized with relief, but her bottom cheeks tingled and she knew her face must be even redder than her backside.

If you would like to read more, Melissa’s Punishment Examination is available to purchase at amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and other online stores. Although Melissa & the Medic is available from Blushing Books, the first book in the series was published through Stormy Night Publications, so is not available there.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed my little snippet and the offerings from other authors on the Saturday Spankings blog. Have a great weekend. Carole x