Saturday Spankings

Good morning Saturday Spanking fans. I’ve finally finished my new book, Sentenced to a Punishment Examination, and it’s now on sale. It feels like I’ve been writing this one forever, but a spell in hospital to have a gynaecological operation didn’t help, especially as I was taken in and prepped for the op twice, before being sent home and rescheduled. As a result, I didn’t write anything for about two months. I’ve spent the last month getting this ready for publication and I’m now writing again whenever I have a spare minute.

My new story, Sentenced to a Punishment Examination, is set in the same world as my last two books for Stormy Night Publications – Sentenced to the Punishment Clinic and Sentenced to the Nursery. All books are stand-alone, but they’re all set in the same time period – London towards the end of the twenty-first century, where the world is slowly recovering from a double dip recession, and harsher punishments have been brought in to deal with offenders.

Sentenced to a Punishment Examination by [Archer, Carole]

This book follows the fate of Megan Miller who, whilst out drinking with friends, foolishly carries out a dare to throw eggs at their college campus doctor’s windows. She is caught and sentenced to a punishment examination, including numerous spankings, by the man she has wronged. Megan is to stay at the doctor’s home the evening prior to her punishment, and this extract is taken from a conversation they have, where he asks if she understands what is going to happen to her.

“Are you going to sp-sp-spank me?” Colour instantly flushed her cheeks.
“For starters,” he said, stroking her cheek. “Naughty little girls deserve to have their bottoms smacked, don’t you agree?” Megan certainly did not agree, and she disliked how his words made her feel like a child. But she did not want to give him any reason to turn her across his knee prior to her punishment the next day—which she had no doubt he would be more than happy to do. So instead of voicing the objections she felt, she nodded slowly.
“Good girl,” he praised, stroking her hair and sending an unexpected shudder of pleasure through her. “You’ll spend the afternoon in your room, then after dinner we’ll begin preparations for tomorrow,” he told her.

I had intended to share an actual spanking extract, but I’ll do that next week. As I read through my book to find a suitable spanking extract to post, I really liked the above segment. I sometimes think that the threat of a spanking can be as titillating as the actual spanking scene itself. I hope you agree!

I hope you enjoyed the extract I shared. If you would like to read more, and don’t want to wait until next weekend’s Saturday Spankings for a further snippet, Sentenced to a Punishment Examination is on sale at amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.

Don’t forget to head back over to Saturday Spankings to read all the other tantalising tasty teasers on offer.

Carole x



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