Saturday Spankings – Honeymoon’s End NEW RELEASE!

Saturday Spankings

Good morning Saturday Spankings fans. This weekend I’m thrilled to announce my new release, Honeymoon’s End (Romancing Melissa Book Three). Over the last two weeks I’ve shared extracts from the previous two books, Melissa’s Punishment Examination and Melissa & The Medic. Now I’m delighted to be able to share an extract from my new offering, published by Blushing Books.

A weekend like no other…

When Jason informs his young bride Melissa that he’s going away on a stag weekend, she uses her feminine wiles to try and keep him at home with her, then tries sulking. Her dominant husband deals with her tantrum by putting her over his knee.

After kissing and making up with him, she decides to make the best of the surprise he’s planned for her in his absence. Dreaming of a weekend at the spa full of pampering, she’s surprised when her boss’s Uncle Cyril turns up to collect her from work instead.

She is unhappy at the thought of spending the weekend as his submissive little charge, but when she allows herself to relax and throw herself into it, she’s pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Publisher’s Note: This dark, steamy romance contains elements of power exchange. If you are easily offended, please do not purchase.

The following extract is taken from early in the story, before Jason goes away for the weekend:-

Wailing in distress, her legs scissoring frantically, she begged, “No more, please, I’m sorry.”

He did stop, but only to adjust position. Raising his knee, he pushed her butt higher. Ignoring her pleas, he landed a volley of hard smacks to the exposed underside of each cheek. He never missed a beat as she clawed desperately at the settee, trying to break free of his iron grip. Eventually, when her butt cheeks were thoroughly reddened and her sit spots literally glowing, the brush was set aside. A very subdued Melissa slumped across her partner’s thighs. Her hands covering her face, she sobbed loudly.

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Have a great weekend. Carole x

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